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Extra Equipment Add On’s

Smart Check Point

There are 3 main scenarios in the program part. In them, we used the opportunities of a clever control point to the maximum. Now the device is not just a luminous column on the battlefield. The device can support allies, restore health and reward with ick-impulses of opponents. During development, we were inspired by the Battlefield game, with laser array technologies. We took the best from different directions and combined everything in one device: a smart checkpoint will make players sweat. The joy of victory and the emotions of happiness are guaranteed. Capture the checkpoint, Battlefield Point, Command Center.

Lasertag-Mine Cerberus

Immediately after switching on the mine produces a sound signal, which indicates the level of the battery charge. Then a 5-second countdown begins. In this case, audible beeps are heard and the LED on the front panel flashes. When the countdown is completed, the mine becomes a “combat platoon”.

It explodes in 3 cases. The first is if the IR motion sensors work. Range – 3 meters. The second is if another mine or grenade explodes nearby. Thirdly, Cerberus detonates if it is shot. Strength points are initially 100 HP. The number of shots is determined by the specified weapon damage. When HP falls below zero, the mine will explode.

Guaranteed range of damage is up to 12 meters.

After triggering the device for 10 minutes periodically beeps, and the red LED on the front panel flashes. After 10 minutes, it turns off.

First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit is a Base Reload, it re-spawns players after they have been eliminated off the field. This is a must have item to make your scenario action game fun and exciting.

Smart First Aid Kit

The body is made of metal. When you turn on, you will hear a sound signal, the LEDs will be tested – the “Smart medicine cabinet” scale will be full and go out. The device will automatically go into the mode in which it worked before shutdown (in silence – “Health”). The parameters of game modes can be adjusted using the configurator. In addition, it is possible to change the parameters right on the polygon. Features “Number of sets”, “Hit to destroy the kit”, “Button hold time”, “Period of auto-operation”,  “Duration of the round”. Game Modes- ” Health mode”,  “Ammunition mode”, ” Energy mode”

Medic Remote

The main feature of the game set “Medic” is an expanded list of commands for customization. Thus, the device can not only restore health or ammunition, but also play the role of first-aid kit, point of anomaly, etc. The game parameters are adjusted through the configurator.

Nano Remote

This console was developed specifically for game organizers, who are very important in mobility and comfort in the conditions of test sites and events on the road. The name “Nano” is not chosen by chance: the weight of the console is only 22 grams, and the dimensions are comparable with a small key fob (57×37 mm). The console has only two functions: “New game” (big button) and “Clear statistics” (small button). A small green LED indicates that the button is pressed. The range of the “Nano” console is from 1 to 2 meters. The battery life of one CR2032 battery reaches up to 3 months (depending on the intensity of use).

Smart Battle Base

Like other devices of the Smart line, “Battle Base” is a universal device and can perform several script functions in the game process. The design of the base provides the possibility of its mounting on the wall when used as a stationary device at respawns and teams’ bases. At the same time, a convenient carrying handle allows you to use it as a mobile device – this option is also provided for by scenarios. Due to the impressive design and bright, well-visible indication of the operating modes, “Battle Base” will be appropriate to look both in the game in the open air, and in the game spaces of the clubs, and the powerful sound base system will be perfectly audible in any conditions. All the game information is displayed on a bright OLED display, well visible even in the sun, and is complemented by a glow of seven bright colored pictograms on the front panel of the case, clearly informing about the mode of operation of the device. Indicators “Health”, “Patrons”, “Anomaly”, “Radiation”, “Biological Hazard”, “Explosives” and “Team Color” are well read at a great distance and intuitively understandable.


After turning on the power, the device switches to game mode.

Game Mode

The indicator shows the name of the current script. Sending the “New Game” command via the infrared channel interrupts the current game and starts a new one. Sending the command “Start the game” will restart the current script.

Scenario 1 “Support base”

The base can be neutral or belong to any team. In the scenario configuration, you can set the mode at which the owner of the database is determined by the first shot. The support base emits a given impulse. Can be given either a specific impulse, or random. There are 9 pulses available in total: “Revival”, “Medic”, “Boezapas”, “Rate of fire”, “Double health”, “Player’s pitch”, “Disarmament”, “Radiation”, “Zombies. In the case of the base belonging to the team in the pulses “Revival”, “Medic”, “Boezapas” during the emission, a substitution of a specific command occurs. In the configuration, you can also set the period and the number of pulses to be emitted.

To activate the pulses, you can set “Timer”, “Button” and “Button + Timer”. In the first case, the base will emit a predetermined number of pulses periodically. In the second case (button) the player can trigger the radiation of one pulse by pressing the button. In the third case, the base will emit a predetermined number of pulses after pressing the button after a predetermined period of time.

In the case where the base belongs to a particular team, a game is possible with the destruction of the base. The configuration specifies the number of base strength points, the delay period and the recovery rate. When fired at an enemy base, they take away points of strength equal to the power of the shot. In the event of the exhaustion of points of strength, the base is considered to be destroyed, and the game ceases. Radiation of pulses occurs only when the base has a full volume of strength points.

When playing with points of strength, it is possible to turn on the emission of a radiation pulse after it hits the base.

Scenario 2 “Block post”

Initially, the checkpoint is neutral. The player, having fired the device initiates the capture procedure. The more players shot into the device, the faster it will be captured. The seized checkpoint can give out impulses “Revival”, “Medic”, “Boezapas”, “Rate of fire”, “Double health” for their team. A radiation pulse can also be tuned after it hits the device. The player of the enemy team must try to intercept the checkpoint. If the player of the enemy team has started the capture procedure, the player of the command-owner can shoot the capture by a shot.

This script works in the configured time, after which the game stops. The countdown starts after the first capture.

Scenario 3 “Bomb”

In this scenario, the device is a bomb of a given type. There are 3 types of charge: High, Neutron and Biological. When a bomb is exploded, a single burst of “Blow up a player” is issued. Then, when the Neutron charge is triggered, a radiation pulse is periodically given with 25% of the power of the lesion. When the biological container is triggered, the device emits a Zombie pulse.

To activate the bomb, you must press and hold the game button for a certain time. After that, the bomb is considered activated and a countdown is started before the explosion. During this time, the bomb can be deactivated. To do this, press and hold the game button for a certain amount of time. It is also possible to have the option to confirm the activation and / or deactivation of the bomb by a shot.

Depending on the scenario, the bomb can be installed permanently, with the need to activate and neutralize it, and be used as a portable portable charge for a subversive group.

It is possible to use the “Combat Base” as a container for transportation of radioactive or biologically hazardous substances, which should be delivered to the intended destination within the time set by the timer.

Scenario scenarios of the device are limited only by the imagination of the players. Perhaps, as new requests for the functionality of the “Battle Base” appear, it will be expanded, because LASERWAR always tries to take into account the wishes of users.


Grenade outside

The device is equipped with 6 wide-angle IR diodes, 2 of which are located at the top. A sure distance of defeat is 20 meters in the room, 10 meters in the open area.

The device uses different levels of indication. The case of the product is equipped with 6 red LEDs. In combat mode, they show how much the explosion will take place. This function is also duplicated by a powerful piezo signal. LASERWAR gaming kits are also not neglected. In the 8th and 9th generation, we made a special blast signal. The Tiger will inform the player what is the cause of the virtual death: the exact IR pulse of the enemy rifle, or the unauthorized pomegranate.

Grenade inside

The internal architecture of the device is made in such a way that the electronics will not budge even with strong impacts. The grenade will not let you down in a difficult moment and gladly “clean” the enemy stormtroopers. After the impact against the wall will remain in place and batteries. 2 AAA batteries provide the necessary current output and guarantee up to 14 days of daily play. We also thought about changing the batteries. To access the batteries, unscrew 1 screw. This will please both players and those who daily repair laser tag equipment.


Trinity has a tuning mode. Any modern laser tag device must quickly change its functions depending on the type of game. Ideally, if the equipment is programmed quickly and does not require additional devices: a computer, a tablet or a phone. Grenade setup is performed in 5 simple steps:

  1. To enter the configuration mode, you need to press down on the bracket 10 times with a brief tap. The first signal will sound and we will enter the time setting mode.
  2. By clicking on the bracket, we set the time through which the grenade can be used again.

1 blinking LED – you can use a grenade at once;
2 blinking LED – after 5 seconds;
3 blinking LED – after 60 seconds;
4 blinking LED – after 300 seconds;
5 LED flashes after 600 seconds.

  1. Press and hold the bracket for 3 seconds – enter the command setup mode.
  2. Press the bracket to expose the required IR command.

1 beep – the “kill player” command. Compatibility with other manufacturers is supported.
2 beeps – the command “blow up the player”. In this mode, the player’s tag will issue a special signal when the grenade is killed.
3 beeps – the command “to stun the player”. TAGERS that fall under the action of a grenade will not be able to fire for 10 seconds. Also supported by other manufacturers.

  1. Press and hold the bracket to confirm the selection.


Command post

The inclusion is accompanied by the command “Choose a game scenario”. Three scenarios are available: “Basic first-aid kit”, “Capture base” and “Confrontation”. Within three seconds you need to make a choice. Otherwise, the last selected script is activated. The change occurs by briefly pressing the large red button on the “Command post” cover. After selecting the desired scenario, wait three seconds – the confirmation will sound the signal “command point is activated”. Further more in detail we will stop on the scenarios.

«Basic first-aid kit». Command posts are located on the bases of the opposing sides and when choosing this scenario, respectively, they act as first aid kits, that is, they revitalize the dead, completely restoring lives and ammunition. To do this, click on the red button – the command post will restart all players within a radius of 1.5 meters. If you hold the red button to a single beep, then automatic mode is activated – with a certain periodicity, the command post will revitalize the players in the range. The time between signals is set using the configurator settings. To change the scenario, you must turn off and re-enable the “Command post”.

“Capturing the database” is essentially the same as the scenario with control points. Command points are located at a distance equidistant from the starting positions of the teams. But there are tangible differences that make the game with the command post at times more interesting.

Universal point “Chameleon”

Unlike the previous version, the new universal point can boast of a variety of functions. The concept of “universality” of its capabilities is not an empty phrase. Tell you what she knows.

Turn the key to turn on the universal point – we will hear the sound signal. The number of the script will be indicated on the digital display. You can start the game using the control button or from any LASERWAR console. Now your game will line up depending on which scenario is set by the settings.

Scenario 1. Radiation Point

Once the game has started, a countdown begins on the digital scoreboard. When there are 3 seconds left before the time has elapsed, the device emits intermittent beeps. And then the radiation of a given pulse occurs. The instructor can also adjust the random selection of the pulse – in this case, which of the pulses will occur will only be clear 3 seconds before the radiation.

Scenario 2. Base point

The device originally belongs to the same command. As soon as the game has started, the team’s icon is painted in the appropriate color and the countdown starts. After a predetermined period of time, a shot is triggered by the treatment pulse. When an enemy team player shoots at the device, he takes away the base strength points, equal to the shot power. In this case, the pulses stop sending, and the remaining strength points are displayed on the indicator. After a certain time, strength begins to recover, and, having recovered completely, the base again begins sending impulses of treatment. If the shots have taken away all the strength points, the base is considered to be destroyed and not restored.

Scenario 3. Checkpoint

Initially, the point is neutral. After the player’s shot, the point is considered to be captured by the player’s team and signals this by coloring the team’s icon in the appropriate color. With a delay after the shot, the point releases a pulse of “radiation” and proceeds to treat the players of the captured team. If the team owns the point for a certain time, the game stops and the dot shows the color of the winning team.


Brief description of the work

Each artifact has three modes of operation:
1. Waiting (artifact not found)
2. Captured (artifact captured)
3. Assembled (artifacts interact)

Standby mode

Immediately after power-up, the artifact is in the standby mode. The LED once every 10 seconds blinks briefly (the number of flashes corresponds to the type of artifact) and produces chaotic clicks resembling the sound of a Geiger counter.

Captured Mode

If you shoot an artifact that is in standby mode, it becomes the property of a team of players of a certain color (goes into the “Captured” mode). The LED will shine continuously with the color of the command that captured the artifact. Sound clicks – once a second. If a team of enemies shoots into the captured artifact, it will go into the “Waiting” mode.

The “Collected” mode

In order for artifacts to unite and go into the “Assembled” mode, the following conditions
must be met: – artifacts must be of different types (the same type artifacts do not interact with each other)
– artifacts must be captured by one command
– artifacts should be next to each other, between they should not be obstructed.

The union takes place for 5-10 seconds. After merging, the artifacts begin to flash constantly the color of the command-owner. If the enemy gets to the collected artifact, the artifacts will go into the “Waiting” mode and their capture will have to be re-performed. If one of the collected artifacts is carried out beyond the reach of another, then after a certain time (10-20 sec), the artifacts will lose their interaction and return to the “Captured” state.

In each mode at certain intervals (programmed via a computer), the artifact emits an IR command corresponding to a particular mode. The activity interval is programmed from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

Features of the impact teams

Using an extended command set allows you to take advantage of capturing an artifact. For example, using the command “Restore the health of the owner” allows you to restore health only to the player who captured it, and the command “Restore ammunition to the commanding team” will completely restore ammunition only to the team that captured it.

It is also possible to not set any impact (an empty command) for a particular mode.

If you set the command “Restore health to the green team” for all modes, then the artifact can be used as the recovery point for the green team (it will not affect the players of the other color).

Universal remote

It is based on a specially designed motherboard. Its main difference from older cards is the improved distribution of power circuits and information paths and SMD-performance of microelements. The quality of electronics has been increased at times thanks to our proprietary three-layer varnishing of components.

The power source in the “Universal remote control” of the fifth generation is served by two AA-type batteries (in the fourth-generation remote control the “Krona” was used), providing a duration of up to three months (depending on the intensity of use). And most importantly – it is possible to change the game functions with the help of software.

Optional will be installed:

Button 1 – “New Game”
Button 2 – “Changing the team’s color to red”
Button 3 – “Changing the team’s color to blue”
Button 4 – “Put the player on pause / remove from a pause”

Using the “MILSIM-configurator”, you can assign instead of standard functions those that you deem appropriate.

Connect a USB-base to the personal computer and enter the “admin-mode” of the console (for this, use a regular pin or, for example, a toothpick, press the clock button on the back of the case). After changing the standard parameters to the ones you need, click the “Record” button. The console is ready for use.

New firmware allows you to program 8 commands, not 4.


The device is made in the case in the form of a case from shock-resistant ABS-plastic of black color. Has a handle to carry on the range during the game. The device is switched on and restarted by the instructor using a key. Thus, players can not independently influence the operation of the device (except activation and deactivation with a password). There is no need to connect to the computer – all settings are changed in the admin menu directly on the polygon. All information is displayed on two screens: segmented (for timing) and LCD (for all menus, password entry, club name, etc.).


The IR diode is located at the center of the board!
The radius of damage: up to 15 meters in the room due to a large rebound from the ceiling.
Time of independent work without recharging: up to 24 hours.
The explosion is signaled by a loud piezo signal.

Instructions for use

By default, the administrator’s password – all units, the player’s password – all deuces. If the passwords are changed, and then forgotten, then when you turn on hold down “5” – the passwords will be reset. After turning on the LCD, an inscription with the set time will be displayed. If you press any key, the “Enter code” prompt appears. If you enter the administrator code, you will be taken to the administration menu. If you enter the player code, the bomb is activated, the countdown indicator will appear on the LED indicators, the LCD indicator will turn off briefly and then the “Enter code” prompt will light up again. If you re-enter the player’s code, the countdown will stop. If the time has elapsed, an IR burst triggers accompanied by a loud siren. After deactivation or simulation of the “explosion” restart is only after turning off the power.

As a password, you can use any numerical combination of 1 to 11 characters.

You can also enter your company logo in the menu (the fourth function in the administrative menu of the IED). You can set the inscription on the bottom line when you turn it on. Change the inscription with the buttons: 2-8 (letter selection) and 4-6 (select the letter position), * – remember, # – cancel (as in the rest of the menu items).

Laser-bomb “CRATER”

Modernization is an important part of the work of our company. Therefore, we completely revised the design and functionality of the laser tag bomb. The new version fights with cheaters, is equipped with a seven-segment indicator and is packaged in a shock-resistant case. We tell about the advantages of the released model.


The design of the device fits seamlessly into the overall style of the optional LASERWAR equipment. In Crater, we used contrasting colors to emphasize important elements and not to distract the player with secondary details. But while the device is interesting to consider: the corporate font, product marking and the LASERWAR logo add points to the overall impression.

The device is made in a black plastic case. Thanks to the special lugs on the back cover, the product can be fixed to the wall, making the use convenient and practical. The mass of the game bomb is 500 grams.

Inside is a 2.2 Ah lithium battery. “Crater” will work for 36 hours, and then it can be charged by any device of the Li + series. The power socket and the power-on lock are located on the side of the device.

On the front side there is a red button, a seven-segment indicator, 4 IR emitters, and 1 IR receiver. The label is made in such a way that the picture can not be erased. The presentation of the “Crater” will withstand any game loads. When creating a sticker design, we used precise lines, understandable indications and framing for meaningful elements. The final result looks excellent, and even the child will cope with the installation and cleansing of the Crater.


The functional is simple and straightforward. Turn the key to turn on the bomb. Press and hold the red button for 3 seconds – “Fire” appears on the display screen. So the device requires confirmation that the player laying the bomb is “alive”. Shot in the device, laser tag fighter activates the countdown before the explosion.

Mine clearance is carried out in a similar manner. We hold the button for 5 seconds, confirm with a shot that we were not killed – the bomb is cleared. If the fighter is “killed” in the process of deactivation, then the countdown will continue.

We wanted everything to be clear and honest in the bomb scenarios. The strength of the laser tag is precisely that all the game actions are processed by electronics. No disputes, who got into whom, whether the player was alive or not. “Crater” is another device that fully complies with this principle.


To enter the configuration mode, just hold down the button and turn on the device. By pressing the button you can adjust the time before the explosion. The value is adjustable from 1 to 99 minutes. Choosing the right player does not confirm the choice: the device will automatically remember the settings after 10 seconds.

You can start a new game using any LASERWAR console, or simply turn off and on the device. The time for the installation of a bomb, its demining and confirmation by a shot are changed using the LASERWAR configurator.

To enter the device into the programming mode, run the program, open the “Bomb” menu in the “Devices” section connect the USB-base to the computer. Arrange it so that the sensors on the base are in front of the IR receiver of the laser tag bomb. Turn on the bomb by turning the key on the side of the case with the clipped red button. Within 2 – 3 seconds the device enters the programming mode – the type of the connected device will be displayed in the configurator. The following parameters are available for programming:

Electronic RGB target

A series of updates to additional devices continues the electronic RGB target. This is a device from the “must have” series for any rental club. He will help and shoot the rifle, and brighten up the time before the start of the game. In the new version a small display is added, the design is updated, the illumination and control system is revised. But first things first.


Changes were made to the front side of the target. We used techniques that always work: visually emphasized the area of ​​the shot, in the English version they added a short call to action and marked the product with a branded logo. The final result was excellent. The target does not look like a boring piece of plastic, but in work, beauty is revealed 100%. The device is available in two versions: with an English sticker and Russian.

The rest is a familiar target with a power socket on the side and an on / off switch on the top cover. Inside – a lithium battery with a capacity of 2.2 Ah, which guarantees 15 hours of trouble-free operation. Product weight – 900 grams.


The backlight in the new version became more noticeable. Instead of four large LEDs, we now have as many as twenty, which are arranged around the circumference. 4 sections on hit flash the color of the player’s command, which makes the hit noticeable from a long distance.