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Charger “Spider”

The result of technical and creative research of our specialists was the device “Spider”.

It is designed for branded Li + 7,4 V assemblies with a protection board, allows you to recharge 6 gaming kits or dressings at the same time (Smart RGB “Spider” dressings are not recharged). We tested the new device for a long time and found the optimal length of the charging cable – it is 1.5 meters, and the charger itself is connected to a 220 V socket through a classic computer power plug used for home PCs and monitors. The plug is also included in the package. This c / w belongs to the category of “smart” and favorably differs from ordinary Chinese.

Advantage # 1 – charge time control, current cut-off, overheating protection.

“Spider” constantly monitors the voltage, clearly observes the charging technology according to the SS-CV scheme. First, the battery is charged with a “constant” current until the rated voltage is reached. After that, the voltage is kept constant, and the current drops to 0.01C (where C is the battery capacity or cell). At the end of the process, the power source is transferred to the “drop mode” – the s / w will start feeding microcurrents to the battery, leveling it self-discharge. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not leave unattended equipment.

Advantage number 2 – increase the battery life.

Due to the fact that the “Spider” takes care of batteries, does not recharge them and does not allow for a decrease in capacity, the total operating time of power supplies is significantly increased. If before the lithium battery lasted for 3+ years, the use of “Spider” will increase this period to 5 years.

Advantage # 3 – security.

Careful charging, protection against overheating, time control are fundamental safety factors. You will be able to charge the equipment for the night and be sure that the batteries will not suffer.

Advantage number 4 – attractive value.


Charge the equipment correctly – use the “Spider” charger.

Charger “Firefly”

With the beginning of mass introduction of SMART RGB-bandages in each club, it became necessary to charge them quickly, saving time .. As a rule, new clubs buy PA “Spider” for gaming kits and charging Li + series for SRGB-bandages. And if it’s convenient to load a laser tag, then with bandages the situation is more complicated: “one-tail” charges are confused by wires, constantly lost, inconvenient when placed in a network filter. Therefore, the issue of developing a separate multi-pin device for SRGB-bandages was just a matter of time. Now we are ready to introduce a new charger, whose name is “Firefly”. The design of the device has preserved the continuity of the LASERWAR design. We used proprietary color combinations that are noticeable in the wires, inscriptions and pictograms of the device. The inner filling fit into a small case: the product is convenient in transportation, does not take up much space in the gunsmith’s room. “Firefly” is designed to recharge 6 bandages of SRGB at the same time. In the line of equipment, we use a visual display system. This case did not become an exception. LEDs used in the charger and SMART RGB-bandage, will prompt the user when the equipment is ready for game booms. Use the “Firefly” conveniently: through the power cord we connect it to the outlet, press the power button, connect the bandage. If the LED on the memory case lights up red – the bandage is charging, the green position indicates that the dressing is ready for prolonged use. Add to the convenience of reliable lithium connectors, a small weight of the product, modern design and get charging, which is more profitable than their “one-tailed” comrades on all points. And even in the question of price, “Firefly” takes the first place. The charger saves time, the power of the buyer and, of course, money. 1 set will cost the player 4400 rubles. This amount includes a charger and a power cord. Convenience, which you get from the work of the kit, is invaluable, but it is understandable from the first second. “Firefly” LASERWAR – for bright minds. The position is available in two versions – with an English sticker and Russian. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not leave unattended equipment.

Charger “Smart Li +”

At  LASERWAR,  the tradition has been taken as a tradition: to use advanced standards for absolutely all types of products. Today we will talk about one of the types of special equipment – Smart Li + charger. It was designed to charge lithium batteries, has several advantages.

The quality chip used in this device was released in early 2017 in the USA. This is one of the most advanced components that can be used to solve the tasks set by the company.

Extended battery life due to the fact that Smart Li + takes care of batteries, does not recharge them and does not allow for a decrease in capacity, the total operating time of power supplies significantly increases. 

The determination of the need for charging occurs automatically: If you connect a rifle with a battery voltage above 7.6 V to a network-connected charge, charging will not start. This is due to the fact that this voltage is enough for a few more games. If you still want to recharge the equipment, then the process of energy storage can be forced to start. To do this, connect the charging and tagger, then connect the charging to the 220V network. 

Disconnect battery after full charge. A pure CC-CV algorithm is used, the basic principle of which is: do not exceed the permissible current and voltage when charging the battery. This fundamental rule allows the charging of batteries from the “deep discharge” state. Upon completion of the process, the power source is transferred to the “drip mode” – the s / y will begin to supply microcurrents to the battery, excluding its self-discharge. 

Ideal value. The price can not but surprise. Charger cost is  990 rubles. For this amount, you get one of the safest, right, long-lasting ways to charge equipment. “Smart Li +” is protected from the connection of defective batteries, equipped with a high-quality molded connector, safety timer, which makes it an ideal option in terms of price / quality ratio.

For safety reasons, we strongly recommend not to leave unattended charging equipment.

Laser knife

This device is made on the basis of a training knife. Weight is only 80 grams. Power is provided by a small battery CR2032 3v. Due to the energy-saving operating mode of the control processor, the battery life of the device can reach one month. Safety of use is guaranteed by the principle of operation, which is extremely simple: the knife is held back by a grip (the handle is forward, the blade is directed along the forearm of the attacker), the IR diode is in the handle, at the base, and is directed to the opposite side from the rubber blade, a “shot” occurs, in the event of a hit, the virtual death of the player occurs, regardless of the number of his health points. The distance of the lesion is 0.5 m, depending on the illumination of the surrounding space.

Battlefield PRO

The Battlefield PRO game set is designed to simulate the capture of a control point or point. It is universal and can be used in scenarios not only in laser tag, but also in paintball and airsoft. At the beginning of the game, the point is neutral. To capture it, you need to clamp the button, colored in the color of your team. The point lights up with the desired color. At the same time, the color gradually gains brightness and saturation. To capture the opponent’s point, the team needs to press the button of its color. Gradually, the new color will “supplant” the previous one. The team that first sustained the total time set wins.

To set the total hold time, you must press the red button when turning on. Then you can use the buttons to select the desired mode:

Red – 5 minutes
Yellow – 10 minutes
Green – 15 minutes
Blue – 20 minutes
Blue – 30 minutes
Pink – 60 minutes
White – 120 minutes

If you hold the blue button while turning it on, you can select the hold time for the capture button:

the red button is 30 sec.
green button – 10 sec.
blue button – 20 sec.

After ten seconds, the point automatically switches from the settings mode to the main mode and remembers the settings. On the next turn, the dot blinks in color, on which the total hold time depends.

The point is activated by a key and equipped with a vandal-proof lock.

The panel is enclosed in a reliable metal case, and the buttons on the panel are illuminated together with the LED tape on the pipe. The tube itself is closed with a cuff of durable fabric, which is convenient to wash, wipe.

LEDs are bright enough and can be clearly seen in low light.


Bags for transportation of laser tag equipment

LASERWAR company together with the project “Russian laser tag” realizes unique portable bags for laser tag equipment. They conveniently accommodate up to 6 rifles of the standard MP514, AK-12LT “Predator” PRO or 12 MP-9LT “Phoenix”.

Qualitative materials used in the manufacture of bags, will allow you to be sure of reliable transportation of gaming kits. We draw your attention to the soft walls in the side fasteners, waterproof canvas fabric with seals. Thanks to Velcro in the center of sections it is possible to transport not only guns, but also devices, first-aid kits and other necessary products.

Bags are sold at a price of 6000 rubles, in the presence of 2 colors – red and blue. Dimensions of the bag: 80 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. As part of the new concept of turnkey business, our company LASERWAR will continue to please you with interesting offers and innovations.


Tactical laser tag-shield with sensors of defeat

Tactical shield from the moment of its appearance in the assortment of products LASERWAR caused a real wave of discussion of users.

On the one hand, the use of the shield makes it possible to significantly expand the scenario framework, playing back scenarios with the participation of special forces, storming the terrorists who have settled in the defense or the release of hostages. Scenario frames are limited only by the imagination of the organizers, and the entourage props only broadens them.

But, as healthy skeptics notice, there is a share of the improbability in the total invulnerability of a fighter with a shield, and shooting from a position with a closed bandage – ostrich – is considered a bad tone according to the unwritten rules of the laser tag.

We carefully listen to the opinion of users of equipment and are looking for ways to improve their products. This discussion, as well as the wishes of one of the customers of the equipment, pushed us to limit the strength of the shield and, accordingly, the invulnerability of the soldier behind him.

At the request of one of the customers, we released a batch of tactical laser tag-shields with sensors of destruction.

As a result of the changes, the shield was purchased by a sensor on the front side and an electronics unit with an IR diode on the inside. At the beginning of the game, the shield has a 100% safety margin and reliably protects the fighter who is hiding behind him. Each hit in the shield will reduce its strength and after the safety factor has been reset, the shield’s electronic unit will broadcast each hit into its sensor on the inside of the shield, depriving the fighter of the opportunity to cover the bandage behind the shield and inflicting damage to it.

Such a measure deprives the hiding fighter of “immortality” and gives the game an additional intensity and dynamism – after all, it is necessary to have time to complete the attack under the cover of the shield, while the defense operates.

The damage sensor on the front side of the shield is represented by a standard dome, as on a bandage, and is located between the backlight lanterns.

The electronics module is located on the back of the switchboard and has an OLED indicator that shows the remaining safety margin and battery level, the connection socket on the vandal-proof lock and the charging slot with a rubber stopper.

Installed in the electronics unit Li + batteries can be charged with a Li + battery charger.